Behind The Scenes Peak Into Our Animation Process

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This post goes through our animation process. This is not set in stone but should give you a few ideas on how we make an animation and the steps we go through to get there. As with all these things, the process is flexible and it’s really a framework we can use to enable the best output.


Animation Process


Script Writing
Penning a tight script is important in order to tell your story in a way that is concise and engaging at the same time. Doing this gives us a clear direction from the outset and also paves the way for the tone of voice, voice over and style.

Idea Generation
Using the script as a guide, we create sketches to visualise the story and see what works and what doesn’t. You never stop sketching to re-evaluate if something works or not. This allows us to create a rough storyboard which can be annotated.

Asset Creation
When the frames of the animation are planned out, we create the key assets that are used. We normally draw these in Illustrator using a pen and tablet. This design stage will continue as new assets are needed for the animation.

Once all the building blocks are in place we start to bring the story to life with motion. With one eye on the script we render pieces of the animation at various stages and continue to make sure the timing, transitions and overall feel to the story is consistent throughout.

Video & Audio Editing
The voice over is recorded and then timed with the video. We then play with the timing, voice over, soundtrack and any spot sounds used to create the final piece of animation.

This is just the beginning of our animation process. Now we start to plan in ways to seed the video across social spaces, email and text so that it’s picked up and shared.

Let us know if you’d like to create something that tells your story..

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