Award Winner Joins The Like Minded

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We’re really excited to announce that Tariq Al-Ani is joining the Like Minded on an internship. Tariq graduated from the University of De Montfort as a product designer and brings raw talent to the melting pot, oh and he’s a D&AD award winner.


In his own words this is what Tariq is all about right now:

…Though I’m a product design graduate, I see myself as a more holistic designer than that. I’ve acquired a particular set of product design-based skills, for example 3D CAD modelling and hand prototyping (as well as some broader skills like Photoshop & Illustrator etc.). I feel however, that within the design industry there is significant scope for overlap and collaboration from all corners of the design spectrum and this is where some of the most innovative and fascinating ideas can emerge. I’ll take my current skill set to The Like Minded, enhance it and acquire an entirely new one.

As far as inspiration goes, I can be inspired by anything. It’s generally the quality and/or ingenuity of something that really captivates me; the discipline doesn’t matter. If something excites me it will incentivise me to deliver a similar level of excitement to others.

I’m looking forward to working with The Like Minded and truly believe it will be a thrilling and rewarding experience.

Make sure to watch out for more from Tariq and the rest of The Like Minded Team as the story continues.

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