Be Animated: Do Lectures – Day 3

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Do Lectures Wales 2014 – Be Animated. Be Playful.

Thanks to Gavin Strange for an inspirational talk on the creative stuff he does by night with Jam Factory and the work he does as a senior designer with Aardman Animations

Gavin talked at the Do Lectures about all kinds of ventures he’s involved in and one of the things that really struck me was the importance of play in what we do as creatives. As kids we played and as a business today we make time to play, but not enough. During part of the weekend Gavin ran a quirky workshop aimed at getting us attendee folks doing some clay-mation. This reminded me that it’s ok to explore stuff more vigorously and with an open mind.

We should play and not worry about the outcome. See where an idea takes you, quickly and with passion. We should be very animated and explore play like nothing else matters. Thanks to Gavin (& Wallace and Gromit) for the inspirational talk and your passion for animation. We hope some of your Aardman Jam magic rubs off on us.

Oh. and there’s a lovely video Gavin made at Aardman as a tribute to Morph. We love you too Morph.

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