Amirah’s Chanel Infographic

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We have been joined by Amirah this week in the studio for some work experience, this week Amirah has created a very stylish infographic about Coco Chanel. Amirah explains…

‘My infographic displays the major events that have taken place throughout the history of Chanel, as it started from a little hat boutique in France to a worldwide sensation. I chose to base my info graphic on this brand because I like the elegant and stylish characteristics that it portrays and I tried to present that in my work. I found it quite interesting researching facts about its journey to becoming such an iconic and acknowledged label.

To create this infographic I started off researching some fascinating facts about Chanel on the Internet and then organising them into a chronological order using a timeline. I then created the images by layering a variety of different shapes on top of each other and using pictures from Pinterest to reference my ideas. I used quite simplistic colours that I felt were well tailored to suit the brand to give it a general polished finish.’

Take a closer look at Amirah’s infographic on pinterest.

– Amirah & Gemma (Newly Chanel Experts)
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