Holding Hands: Do Lectures – Day 1

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Do Lectures Wales 2014

On the way down to the Do Lectures I couldn’t help wondering where the special piece of magic might come from, the bit you hear in a talk that’s most relevant to you.  Sometimes we guess where it comes from and we’re right. Sometimes we’re well off the mark.

I’m talking about what to expect when you leave yourself most open to change.

On the first day of the Lectures I listened to a story about a family overcoming adversity during very difficult times. So hard for the person suffering and for those who watched her suffer. I actually worked hard not to cry in front of others. Sitting on the bench listening to the story I was moved to hear the speaker say something so simple. She said that one of the best things you can do to comfort someone in pain is “just hold their hand”

That’s the point at which I found that little bit of magic and the most important Do of all. Not some tec start up ureka moment, just a simple touching and profound statement from a brave and resilient individual.

It seems that almost always the thing that gets you, the nudge you need to do the the right thing is right there. Unexpected and worded just for you.

Thanks. We’re holding hands.

Nick Pep.

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