How to Build a Brand With Very Little Money

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how to build a brand with very little money

I recently went to a do lecture workshop at #hubwestminster which was really inspiring. David Hieatt is the Co-founder of the Do lectures and The Huit Denim Co. with his wife Claire.

We heard a lot about Brand with the workshop theme around ‘how to build a brand with very little money’

I was struck by the amount of experienced professionals on the workshop, all it seemed with a mixed bag of reasons for being there on the day. I think we all shared a common value in having an entrepreneurial spirit and enquiring mind which I guess go hand in hand.

I started chatting with a guy I met on the course and mentioned my son’s fascination with Moshi Monsters in conversation. He said sorry. I said ‘why?’ He said because he used to be the CTO of Mind Candy and responsible for much of the Moshi Monsters online platform!

The workshop was a one day event with about 20 people (thanks to David for not packing the corridors as I’m sure he could of.) As a result the day had a personalised feel, largely due to his ability to connect with the audience. I know I had a few key leanings from the day, some strong constructive stuff like ‘just doing’ and some learnings that were more challenging and thought provoking (beyond this blog)

Without giving the full story, I think this video sums up the day well. This is a film by Mickey Smith. He is a surfer, photographer, and filmmaker. How it looks and what it says, well powerful storytelling…

DARK SIDE OF THE LENS from Astray Films on Vimeo.

If you want to find out more on the detail behind the ‘how to build a brand with very little money’ lecture, have a proper read of David’s blog post here.Original Post

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