Happy New Year!

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2014 was an exciting and creative year in the studio. Primarily fuelled by copious amounts of tea and coffee. And as we are such a creative bunch, we thought the most interesting format to showcase what’s been happening in the studio this year had to be an infographic.

We have grown over the last couple of years, and we are now a team of six guys and girls.

We have completed a bundle of web projects for clients and have expanded our own web presence – gaining twitter followers, pinning away and creating new boards left right and centre. We have also kept the world updated with regular newsletters featuring the great projects we have been beavering away on for our clients.

In terms of animation we have lovingly crafted 56 minutes and 30 seconds of it in the last 12 months, and have created 37 unique characters to star in them. Hakon (the Financial Ombudsman’s friendly viking) has been really well received online and has had over 43,000 views. 70% of the voiceover artists we commissioned for animations were female – we are not quite sure what this particular statistic means yet… but it’s definitely interesting.

The Like Minded Labs was born this year, creating a home for our self initiated animated shorts which range from the sublime to the ridiculous: featuring a onesie wearing carrot, adventures in space and out of control clocks.

We hope you enjoy this infographic, and that it reflects the fun and successes we have enjoyed over the last 12 months.


– The Like Minded Team


A year at the Like Minded - 2014

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