2D Animation

At Like Minded we create dazzling character animations, informative explainers and everything in between, so do have a look at some of the animation styles. More about 2D animations

Film & Motion Graphics

Want to tell your story with live film and motion graphics? We create and produce memorable, high quality brand films to capture attention.
More about film and motion graphics

Social Media Toolkit

Want to create and maximise the impact of your content? We construct shareable campaigns for social media channels. We agree, measure and track progress with powerful analytics.
More about our social media packages

3D Animation

We can take your story to the next dimension. We develop full blown 3D pieces as well as combining elements of 3D into our 2D and film projects to create something truly unique.
More about 3D work

Illustration & Infographic

We are adept at creating stimulating and engaging visual content. We can produce informative infographics and beautiful illustrations cross media.
More about our illustration work here

Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard animations are a fantastic way to simplify and invigorate complex issues and presentations.
More about whiteboard animations

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