Creating Engaging Podcasts 

An Episode from a Podcast Series for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Creating commercial quality podcasts requires extensive planning, good quality equipment and significant editing experience. 

Of course it is entirely possible to bootstrap the creation of simple podcasts for a small or understanding audience, however our focus here is on creating podcasts that lead to strong audience retention, referral and growth.


We approach podcasts in the same way that we do an animation and film project. We start by meeting with our client to determine the objectives of the campaign; we then storyboard the ideas into a coherent narrative structure. This enables us to consider how best to plan questions, moderation, music and the post production editing.


We can either record podcasts at a professional sound recording studio or we can record at a location of your choice, including your offices. We have the highest quality microphones, mixing decks and importantly people, to ensure that wherever the recording takes place we will secure the highest quality wild audio to take back with us to the studio.


In the studio we combine our storyboards, notes from the day and our experienced ears to compile a considered edit. Engaging podcasts are not just a matter of cleaning up audio and sticking together a linear series of questions. They are most effective when the listener feels like they are in the room and party to a lively and informative conversation.

If you would like to find out more information on how we can support you to create your own Podcasts, please do get in touch today.

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