Charity animation to raise awareness of the multiple challenges faced by vulnerable children




Illustration • 2D Animation • Cel Animation • Explainer Animation

Vulnerable children in society are often faced with multiple overlapping challenges including problems at home and school. Various agencies designed to offer support are often overstretched creating a backdrop of inconsistent care.

Our challenge was to create a charity animation using the true story of a boy named Billy. The animation is for an audience of politicians and policymakers to be shown at the annual political party conferences. Thereafter the animation will be used to extend understanding of the problem with a wider audience across social media channels.

We blended 2d animation techniques with elements of traditional frame-by-frame animation to create emotive first and third-person perspectives. The limited motion of the characters enables the viewer to focus on the important moments of each scene without distraction.  Changes in the saturation of colours through the animation mirror the rise & fall of emotions to help guide the viewer into the shoes of Billy, to better understand his challenges.

“Thank you so much to you and all your team for your hard work on the animations – they landed really well at the Party Conferences and we’ve had some great feedback”.

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