British Footwear Association

We worked with the British Footwear Association to create a complete blended learning experience that is a first in the world of footwear. The project involved animation, graphic design, copywriting, platform design and game based assessment.

Learning Platform

We were tasked with creating an approach that would enable a variety of audiences to gain valuable insights from the educational content. This could be a retail assistant wanting to understand how shoes are made and how international sizing systems work. Or it could be a marketing executive wanting to understand the ethics and sustainability of global supply chains. We create a low floor high ceiling approach to the content with differentiation and fast/slow track options.

Animated videos

We created a stylish character animation style that would engage a fashion conscious audience. The style also needed to clearly explain complex technical elements and the shoe construction process. We worked with leading global “shoe dogs” to ensure that the design and technical elements of each animation were accurate.

In total we created 9 animated videos that feature as anchor content in each module.

Extended Learning

For each learning module we crafted extended learning opportunities with long read pdf’s and deep dive graphics. This helped to ensure that a more knowledgeable user was offered differentiation.


Accuracy of design and style was critical to the success of the content with its target audiences.

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