Raising awareness of bird conservation, habitat preservation and biodiversity


BirdLife International


Illustration • 2D Animation • Cel Animation • Explainer Animation

As a global partnership of conservation organisations, BirdLife has a duty to promote awareness about the dangers facing the world’s population of Birds. BirdLife required an emotive and engaging explainer animation to educate viewers about the impact humans have on birds’ habitats and ecosystems, as well as spread awareness about the work that BirdLife has been undertaking since the partnership’s inception in 1922. The animation was to be used initially at an international exposition and online.

We created a vivid, layered approach that harmoniously blended 2d animation techniques with elements of traditional frame-by-frame animation to create believable scenes and birds. Seamless transitions and a dynamic camera ensured a rhythm and pace. We also added dynamic lighting, camera focal blur and textures throughout in order to create depth to each scene and helping to guide your eye. Finally, Emmy award-winning actor Jane Alexander brought a level of authority and integrity to the voiceover.

The animation was hugely successful with both client and audience, provoking an emotive response.

2D Animation Explainer