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A unique animation for research findings

The Children’s Society worked with the University of Leeds on a research project. This looks at the difference in opportunity for children from impoverished families versus those from more fortunate economic circumstances.

The research showed that families in different socio-economic conditions use family resources in a similar way, but the resources available to better-off families & their networks mean that children in such families have a wider range of opportunities. The opportunities available to children in poorer families are much more constrained.  The differences are not in children’s and parents’ attitudes, aspirations, and behaviours, but in the resources available to families and the wider networks who contribute to children’s material well-being.

Working with the team at Children’s Society we developed an animated explainer to support the findings of the study with a simple storyline. We developed characters and environments that aligned with their existing brand palette and showed typical scenarios to highlight the difference in the opportunity to both groups.

Charity Animation
Charity Animation

Accessible Characters
We created accessible characters that are deliberately simple in style to support the storyline. The characters draw on the palette from the Children’s Society brand and help demonstrate the findings of the research in a meaningful way that audiences can relate too. Our audiences for this animation included Professionals, policy workers, advocates, members of the public who are interested in social justice, other charities, social workers and supporters.

Charity Animation
Charity Animation