Climate Change Act 10-Year Anniversary Film


Energy UK


A film featuring the children of Micklem Primary school explaining their views on the environment and climate change


November 27th 2018 is the 10-year-anniversary of the Climate Change Act. Our client Energy UK wanted to create a film that would be impactful for a combination of audiences ranging from: the UK Parliament to the general public across media channels.


In order to make a film that felt natural and informative we sought out the views of children. We filmed the video across a single day in the summer of 2018 at the children school. Filming in their own environment enabled the children to feel relaxed and confident.

No briefing was provided to the children to ensure that they did not feel under pressure or try to memorise their answers; we also filmed the children sitting in pairs to reduce their focus on the camera.

The result of this approach is that the children spoke confidently and were comfortable to present their true selves. When combined with natural cut aways shot on sight we have a charming, honest and challenging view on climate change and the environment that will engage a wide audience.


“This is amazing! We have all been watching it and absolutely love it”