House of Lords: Communications and Public Engagement

We have worked with The House of Lords for more than 3 years to share the important work that takes place in the chamber, its role in our democracy and the impact across all areas of life from the improvement of legislation to the championing of rights for child refugees.

We have created many campaigns and utilised a range of styles and approaches across all communications channels.

Meet the Lords

The House of Lords asked us to create a series of captivating and informative visuals to promote the BBC series, ‘Behind the Lords’. These animated infographics were published on the House of Lords social channels to coincide with the television series.

Busting the Myth’s

The House of Lords asked us to create a campaign to increase public awareness of the real and important work undertaken by the  House of Lords by busting commonly believed myths. Our series of animated assets created a high performing campaign.

The Role of the House of Lords

At regular intervals in the year we create mini reports on the work that the House has undertaken to shine a light on its role in improving laws.

Brexit social Assets

The passage of the EU Withdrawal Bill through the UK Parliament has generated significant public interest. Our  role has been to ensure that the role of the House of Lords is clearly understood and that it’s key proposed amendments to the legislation are explained.


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