Infographic & Annual Report Design


Independent Press Standards Organisation

Annual Report & Infographic Design


The Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) wanted to design a contemporary Annual Report for the organisation and well as a number of individual infographics to convey their process & approach to handling complaints using data from a selected period. How do we articulate the facts and figures of an Annual Report for all parties in a clear and concise way while presenting complex information in bite size chunks?

In collaboration with IPSO we created a contemporary design and layout for their 2016 Annual Report introducing infographic & icon design using a limited palette from their brand guidelines. The infographics, tables and other content needed to be clear and easy to understand.

Informed by existing facts, figures and other content from IPSO we created a visual style for the Annual Report and associated infographics that works harder to present the data in a meaningful way. The design and graphics have now been repurposed into multiple formats for PDF and social media channels.

IPSO | Public Sector Infographic
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