Krispy Kreme Social Toolkit

Krispy Kreme creates little, delicious, melt-in-your-mouth pieces of joy and well, that’s a pretty good thing for a company to make. In collaboration with Krispy Kreme, we create visual content for their social media channels to inform, engage and entertain audiences. Our role in the content mix involves everything from raising awareness of new doughnut flavours to themed promotional content for campaigns across the year.

Hershey’s – March 2017

This campaign was a collaboration with Hershey’s for a new range of doughnuts. We created a concept playing on ‘successful double acts’ using fictional characters like Sherlock Holmes & Dr.Watson. The cookies and cream doughnut proved a huge success with an increase of 2,400 followers on Facebook and 2,400 followers on Instagram engaging 200,000 people with the creative campaign.

Halloween –  October 2017 & 2018

We created a series of seasonal festive animations inline with the point of sale creative. These campaigns are a central part of the festive calendar for Krispy Kreme and we always have some fun with spookily animated content to engage users.

Bites – March 2018

As part of the launch of a new product, we created characters for the new bites with simple design and motion. Our bites do a series of dance moves, watch movies together and more in a bid to grab your attention.

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