Marie Cure – Human Heroes




Illustration • 2D Animation • Educational


Kalam Tech have created an educational app focussed on real life “human heroes”. We were tasked with creating the animated learning content for the life story of Marie Curie. The content needed to be engaging, accessible for a primary school aged audience and in-keeping with the 3D environments within the app.


As a studio we have significant experience of designing educational animations and  animated learning content. We utilised this to understand how to design with a primary school aged audience in mind.

The central character of Marie Curie is created with a large head in order to increase the viewers focus on the eyes and mouth of the character, enhancing empathy and connection. This was also of importance due to the relatively limited range of character motion in the animations that enabled a focus on Marie Curie and the key elements of each scene in order to enhance memory recall within the learning section of the app.


The animation itself was narrated by the BAFTA award winning actor Miriam Margoyles best known by the audience for her role in Harry Potter. Margoyles narration provided a rich and characterful soundscape across the 15 minutes of animation.


Since launching on the app store the Marie Curie content has received a 4.7 out 5 rating. The animations themselves have proven to be highly engaging with the target audience, as part of multimedia learning and as a standalone film

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