A Messy State Of Affairs

Client: Planet Earth

Graduate Project by Arty Hunt  – Animator


Concept • Illustration • Modelling • Direction • Stop Motion Animation

“Stop-motion is a traditional and charming method of animation. It is tactile, organic and playful and can be highly stylised to tell unique stories in a beautiful way.”

Arty Hunt – Stop Motion Animator & Creator of A Messy State of Affairs

A Messy State Of Affairs is a short explanation as to why the supermarket packaging system is a bad idea.

Although a heavy topic; our animator, Arty, cleverly explains that recycling is great, however, it is only a small part of what we should be doing to reduce the world’s unhealthy dependency on landfills. The light-hearted, humorous and entertaining approach to the subject consequently encourages prevention over remedy.

It is a quick paced stop-motion animation with a touch of digital.

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