syngenta communications

Syngenta Communications Strategy

Syngenta provide products and solutions to help farmers achieve global food security for a growing population, sustainably. They are also at the forefront of important solutions to global challenges such as: Malaria, biodiversity, drought and desertification. Our work with Syngenta focuses on helping their global businesses to clearly and consistently communicate their work with all stakeholders.

Syngenta Communications

Static Assets

A well designed static illustration jumps out from a crowded media landscape. This is a strategy that works whether on social media, a website or a presentation

Infographics and Print

Our work is not just digitally focussed our print and infographic designs are used to support the learning of millions of smallholders and farmers across the world. Helping to distill and convey important messages that helps to improve crop yields, protect the environment and to save lives.

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Multi-Language Assets

A key deliverable in Syngenta Communication is that designs must work across languages and cultures to ensure efficiency and consistency across the company.

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