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Syngenta Operation Pollinator

Animation Outlining the Work of Syngenta

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Syngenta pioneered an important initiative to promote an increase in our diminishing pollinator population. Bees, butterflies and other flying insects play a vital role in our ecosystem so increasing awareness on this issue is vital. The problem was that their existing live-footage video was incredibly dry and unstimulating, losing the audience’s attention rapidly.


Choosing animation over film footage gave us the freedom to create some really interesting scenes for Syngenta Operation Pollinator; from bees swarming into shapes to environment fly-throughs. Building upon Syngenta’s colour palette with a range of gradients and textures, we were able to build bold, lush, environments. These were populated with a wide variety of pollinators making the juxtaposition between the rich, thriving landscapes and the baron, struggling landscapes instantly apparent.

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