Environmental Awareness Campaigns




Campaign Concepts • Illustration • Animation

Syngenta approached us to find a way of communicating with the wider public on issues around landscape connectivity. They wanted to clearly communicate their key messages about landscape connectivity as it relates to the biodiversity of rural and agricultural land. Syngenta work with organisations that help farmers fight against habitat fragmentation, which threatens ecosystems.

We needed to create a unique visual language and narrative approach inline with their brand which would appeal to a broad cross section of the public.

In this series of short form static and animated content we worked with Syngenta to communicate their key messages about landscape connectivity. We have developed a visual language for Syngenta inline with their guidelines to better explain relevant topics to the general public with little or no knowledge on farming or agriculture.

We continue to work with Syngenta to deliver high quality social content over the course of the year. The results to date show that we continue to engage audiences with visual content.

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