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Institute for Social and Economic Research - Longitudinal Study

Understanding Society: Household Panels and how DNA is Collected and Used


To inform participants in the longitudinal studies how their blood samples and biomarkers are collected, what they are used fort and the security of the data held to retain confidence. Alongside this to ensure that participants understand the value of the research and the important of them staying in the study.

The main challenge was to explain technical information to a non-specialised audience in a way that is engaging and memorable.


We developed a series of 2D animated characters to help make sure that the technical messages always had a human contact. The characters themselves have idiosyncratic movements to mark them out as individuals and to increase the engagement with the videos.

The videos are primarily used to an existing audience of research participants for The Institute for Social and Economic Research so the language used and the style of animation emphasises a friendly and collaborative approach, without the need for a strong call to action.

Technical Animation

The second animation in the series was titled “What is DNA?” and aimed to explain to study participants why they provide blood samples and what it is used for.

The animation style is is scientific but avoids overly technical language and is deliberately slow paced to ensure the viewer is able to absorb the key messages.

What is DNA?

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