Union – Hand Roasted Coffee


Union – Hand Roasted Coffee


Illustration • Animation


Union has been selected to provide the highest quality coffee to British Airways Business and First Class passengers. Our video is designed to show cabin crew how to make the perfect cup of coffee at 35,000 feet. In order to be successful the animation must be easy to follow and entertaining.



We decided to create a video without voiceover to ensure that the instructional design was accurate enough to be followed without the need for additional explanation. Limited character animation is provided by the hands and the viewer experienced the learning from a first person perspective. We added nice touches such as the cappuccino froth clouds to make the overall video engaging and high quality.



Cabin crew training took place in mid May and we look forward to learning more about its impact over time. Although we feel the best way of testing whether our animation has truly worked would be a first class return trip to Barbados.

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