Motion Process

1. Brief & Budget

We create high quality work, generating value for you with a range of budgets. We provide an estimate and project plan to guide you through the process of creating a unique animation.

2. Concept & Scriptwriting

Conceptual thinking & strong scriptwriting are key to a concise and engaging story. This paves the way for the tone of voice, style and voiceover if needed.

3. Storyboarding & Voiceover

We sketch the story flow and evaluate if something works or not. We create a storyboard which can then be annotated. Voiceover is recorded, so that the animation can be created to the correct timings.

4. Design & Asset Creation

With a storyboard planned, we create the visuals for the project. We draw using pencils, pens and tablets. This stage continues as characters, environments and type styles are illustrated.