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2D Animation Process

1. Brief & Budget

We create high quality work, generating value for you with a range of budgets. We provide an estimate and project plan to guide you through the process of creating a unique animation.

2. Concept & Script Writing

Conceptual thinking & strong scriptwriting are key to a concise and engaging story. This paves the way for the tone of voice, style and voiceover if needed.

Storyboard example

3. Storyboard & Voiceover

We sketch the story flow, visualise and evaluate if something works or not. We create a storyboard which can then be annotated. Voiceover is recorded, so that the animation can be created to the correct timings.

4. Design & Asset Creation

With a storyboard planned, we create the visuals for the project. We draw using pencils, pens and tablets. This stage continues as characters, environments and type styles are illustrated.

NHS illlustration

5. Animation

Once the visuals pop we start to bring the story to life with motion. Using the voiceover recording, we render a small piece of animation to show you. We then continue to animate and bring the story to life.

6. Post Production & Audio

We create or source the soundtrack and spot sounds for the animation. Depending on the output, we encode the video for multiple devices – so you can press play across mobile, tablets and desktop.

7. Seeding & Sharing

This is just the beginning.

With planning in place we can seed the video across social media, email and other channels so that it’s picked up and shared.