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We’ve created a bunch of characters over the last couple of years in all shapes and sizes, from Sun Gods to Space Hoppers. Some characters starred in animations for our wonderful clients, while others were made just for fun – but they all bear a set of unique personality traits.

We don’t always get to play with our characters again once an animation project is completed so we’ve picked out some of our favourite characters and packaged them into an exciting deck of Top Trumps cards. (Now we can play with our favourite characters whenever we like!)

We chose 5 positive characteristics to attribute to our characters for the purposes of the top trumps cards; age, curiosity, friendliness, humour and intelligence. We do create a mini profile for our characters in our heads when we create them anyway. (This means that when it comes to illustrating and animating them we already know how they should look and act, thus creating more believable, well-rounded characters.) But we don’t usually assign number values to characteristics in our head! So recording these traits on paper in the form of Top Trump Stats was helpful as we could contrast one character against another which was interesting for a start, this process did also defined some of our characters a little more firmly for us too, so it was a good learning curve.

Going forward, it’s a great idea to create a card for ever new character we make. Jotting down their main character traits in an organised way is a useful exercise and creates a reference that we can keep looking back at during the rest of the creative process that follows. The cards also make a lovely freebee for clients!

So far the reviews are glowing – we’ve had people playing games in the studio and having a great time doing so. Fancy a game?

The Like Minded Characters
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