A Guide to Creating Your Animation

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A Guide To Creating Your Animation

Here at The Like Minded we love crafting and sharing stories that help clients communicate with unique illustration and animation.

Our team works with you every step of the way to create your company animation or series or animations, whether for your website, social channels, industry events, or to send to prospects.

In this post I want to share our approach to creating a unique animation series with high quality production values.


1. Budget, Brief & Project Requirements

We like to talk budgets early on. We can tailor the creation of high quality work and generate greater value for our clients when we know the budgets we’re working with.

Equally we understand that a quote from us is sometimes the starting point so we are responsive and will send an accurate cost estimate to you quickly. The cost is really dependent on a few key variables including:

  • Length of the script/animations (Typically 1-2 minutes in length or shorter)
  • Script writing expertise required
  • VoiceOver and Licensing
  • Illustration style type – Unique Character style, Infographic style, other..
  • Complexity of animation style

We then create an estimate and time plan that ensures we deliver for your deadline. This let’s you know what’s going on so it’s clear when deliverables are due and when decisions need to be made by. This also gives you a clear idea of how the project will move forward day to day.

Top tip: Share a link to a piece of animation you like with us.


2. Editorial & Storytelling

Next we work with you to create or edit a script to base the animations on. A strong script is the foundation of a successful animation and helps communicate your story beautifully.

This gives us a clear direction from the outset and paves the way for the tone of voice, style and voiceover inline with your existing brand guidelines if any.

Every story is unique and the narrative is crucial here. Sometimes our clients have a very clear idea on why they want to communicate something, what they want to say and how they want to share it.

Sometimes they don’t.

Either way we can help with an experienced expert team of strategic thinkers, writers and creatives to shape your story.

Top tip: Draft a rough script and send it over. We can help you edit & refine it.



3. Voice & Soundtrack Selection

We supply a range of voice artist’s showreels and sample soundtracks that we carefully select to suit your project. You can choose a voice and a soundtrack that you feel compliments your brand and will appeal to your audience.

Top tip: Think about your audience, is a male, female voice best?


4. Storyboard & Visual Style

Having crafted a script we storyboard the animation, following the flow of the story, the storyboard itself describes the movement and scenes in basic form and is accompanied by a visual style that shows you what scenes and characters will look like when they are illustrated.

Your input into the creative early on helps us shape the look and feel for the visual style. We use Pinterest secret boards to share visual styles to get to the essence of your brand look and feel quickly.

Top tip: Join Pinterest and we’ll setup a secret mood board for your project. Share the storyboard with colleagues and ensure your key stakeholders have a shared view before we sign off.!


5. Illustration  / Character Design

When you are happy with the flow of the storyboard and the illustration style proposed we create the rest of the unique illustrations including all characters, scenes or infographics agreed for the animation.

Top tip: Start thinking about how we can repurpose these illustrations for social media. Twitter with images anyone?


6. Animation Begins

Now for the magic! We bring the illustrations and storyboard to life with animation. When we have a scene or two completed we send you a 5-10 second snippet so you can see how it’s all starting to come together. We continue to animate while referencing the storyboard to create a final draft render.

Top tip: Let us work our magic these things take time…


7. First Draft Animation

We supply a full version of the animation with everything in place for your feedback. Just let us know if any text needs changing or if you have any other amends. In our experience these are minor text or timing changes if we’ve followed the methodology outlined above.!

Top tip: Consolidate your feedback to one communication if possible and let us know the timestamp for the frame of video at 0:31….


8. Final Delivery

We complete any amends requested and supply you with a final version of your animation. We can then help with ideas to seed this across social media and often provide creative support to repurpose the unique illustration work created for micro content on your social media channels.

Thanks for reading, we hope you find the above useful for creating your next piece of animation. Let us know if we can help on your next project.!

The cast of characters in the header of this post came from this animation for Vimoir who capture stories on film. Find out more about Vimoir

Nick Peperell – Managing Director –  The Like Minded


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