Targeted TV Advertising

  • Reach – 93.8% of the UK’s adult population is reached through commercial TV
  • Affordability – Greater channel choice mean TV advertising costs are now 30% less expensive
  • Efficiency – TV accounts for 33% of all media-driven sales in medium- to short-term (up to 3-months)

Why TV Advertising?

TV Advertising enables you to reach large audiences, increases brand awareness and impact of your other marketing activities, in particular social.  TV and online synergy is particularly large. In fact, campaigns that use TV and online together are twice as efficient as those that incorporate brand advertising with other kinds of activation channels according to IPA, ‘Advertising Effectiveness: the long and short of it’, 2013.

TV Advertising used to be a hard to measure expensive medium that was not accessible for SME’s. This has really changed with the advent of products like Sky Adsmart. Sky AdSmart allows you to treat TV Advertising as you would Google Adwords or Facebook targeting.

The main benefits are:

  • Detailed profiling of your audience including Experian data to segment by: Age, lifestyle, finance, location etc.  
  • Use your own customer data to create custom segments and audience profiles
  • Cost per impression – you only pay once an ad has been seen  for +75% of its length at normal viewing speed

Why Animation for TV Advertising?

Animation is often more cost effective and flexible than filmed content. The principle benefit of AdSmart and its equivalent platforms is that it reduces wastage and enables you to customise your messages to the right audiences.

When you use animation, changes to the content can be easily and affordably made without expensive re-filming of content. Animation is highly flexible, memorable to an audience and the illustrated assets can be easily redeployed across all of your other marketing channels.

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TV Animations

Memorable Campaigns. Smart Regional Placement.

We created a high impact campaign for TV and Digital Display Advertising to inform and educate the audience our client’s free legal advice service ‘Ask Eric’. The advertisements screened in the areas that Eric Robinson has offices and were customised through the screening to highlight the opening of a new office location.

Our work on this project included:

  • Concept

  • Design, Animation and Production

  • Technical management with Clear Cast approval process

  • Technical management of the advert submission to Sky

  • Amends to future adverts and re-submission

What our clients say..

“The Like Minded helped us bring our mascot to life!  They worked with us from the beginning, when we decided to animate the character to appear on television, to the final stage of delivering the advert to Sky AdSmart.  The whole process was a complete learning curve for our marketing department, and the team at The Like Minded made the process much easier by assisting us all the way through”

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TV Advertising is often described as the “steroid” for other marketing channels. We are experienced in building strategic campaigns across channels including Digital display, print, web and social. For more information on our social packages click here

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