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Bupa Health

Explainer Animation Series


To create a series of healthcare explainer animations for the Bupa Health Youtube channel. We created a simple visual style to describe a range of medical procedures through the series of contemporary animation explainers. These are aimed at existing customers and potential customers looking to better understand a specific procedure prior possible surgery.

Art Style & Animation

In order to create this series of animations, we developed a contemporary art style from the brand guides that balances solid fills with understated line illustration work. Using a simple visual approach focused on communicating what’s essential to the medical procedure while removing elements that don’t support the core message.

More in the Series ...

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"The Health Content Team at Bupa UK commissioned The Like Minded to produce some animated explainer videos on a number of medical conditions and procedures. We had a great experience from start to finish. The team were flexible, attentive to our needs, and a pleasure to work with. The videos perfectly reflect our brand expression requirements, are clear and easy to follow, and convey the topics with the requisite clinical accuracy. This isn’t an easy balance to strike! Early customer feedback has been really positive."