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Education Support

Fundraising animation to support teachers mental health


Education support provide emotional and practical help to teachers throughout the United Kingdom who may be facing challenges in their professional and personal lives. The Like Minded was asked to create an animation that would highlight these challenges through a first person real life story. The goal of the animation was to support crucial fundraising activities that had been impacted due to Covid-19 to ensure that teachers who needed support could receive it. 



The Animation is based on the true story of a teacher who experienced a crisis that required the help of Education Support. For the animation to connect with the audience we utilised two main devices. Firstly, colour saturation, in the beginning we focus on a monotone colour palette that increased the intensity and bleakness of the scenes matching with the voiceover we then increase the use of a wider colour palette as the teacher receives support and begins to emerge back to a happier place. Secondly, we used abstract imagery to convey internal emotions and the feeling of a loss of control. This combined with character animation enabled us to show the internal abstract effects of deteriorating mental health with the impacts in the physical world