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GV Health

We work with GV health, a leading global manufacturer of environmental hygiene, spill management, personal protection, safety and waste management solutions for healthcare, public health and social care. We evolved an existing set of brand guidelines by creating a professional consistency via updating their logo, colour palette, typography, and illustration style. This led onto more work focusing on animation. The communications strategy needed to work across a global audience so we developed a style to mitigate language barriers, providing strong resources for training across international markets.   


GV Health’s rebranding kickstarted with an understanding of their logo. This took the form of a curved hexagon that would lay down the foundation for the rest of their branding. The logo comes in a number of variants, outlining their professional approach to healthcare.

Brand Guidelines

Throughout the brand guidelines we focused on presenting GV’s content while experimenting with playful hexagon layouts. This allowed us not only to present the content, but for each page to stand alone as a design, that can be utilise for future design communications.


The typeface selection was carefully considered for usability and legibility. It is a contemporary geometric sans serif typeface that conveys a technological/futuristic feeling, while retaining an elegant design. Exo is a very versatile font with 9 weights, each with a true italic version. 

Exo is a Google font and freely available for on and offline use without restriction

EXO thin

EXO light

EXO regular

EXO medium

EXO semibold

EXO bold

EXO extra bold

EXO black

Colour Palette

Fundamental blues, that represent the brands presence, are combined to create the GV Gradient. This is matched with complimentary primary colours, designed to be used sparingly across communication both on and offline. This subtle effect brings their design communication to life.

The colour palette was selected with consideration to GV’s photography style, creating a consistency throughout the brand and outlining four main colour subjects.

Core Brand Palette - For use with the top level brand comms/experience
Evergreen palette - For Sustainability & Educational use with the brand
Neutral palette - For general use with diversity & inclusion at heart.
Warm palette - For general use with integrity & service at heart.


GV produce a lot of data sheets, reports and online publications that are text heavy. This made it essential to create an icon style that could work alongside the text. Creating the icons, we focused on balancing the hexagon shape alongside subtle lines that reflected simplicity and cleanliness.

The elements were drawn in line work using gaps to reduce weight to the icon, finished with a gradient that fits the GV Health brand. 

Infographics and Socials

These are example layouts for infographics and social media graphics using photography, illustration and iconography. These elements work with the brand palette and white space. We used the hexagon shapes to reflect the brand.