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Energy UK

Strategic content partner for the trade association for the energy sector

Energy UK provide a source of expert advice on industry matters and work to enhance the industry’s reputation with customers and with the communities it serves . Our work helps them create content that cuts through the noise and amplifies their share of voice.

Social assets

We have  developed an illustration style that enables us to use the vernacular of the energy industry as props to help explain ideas, messages and statistics. We combine the bright colour palette with clean white space to ensure that whether animated or static they stand out in a feed. 

Video Creation

We undertake filming for Energy and have helped them develop an extensive array of user generated content. Content developed by individuals across the energy industry provides rich first hand experiences and perspectives in areas such as inclusion and the green energy revolution. Working with their in-house team we help to guide individuals filming and then edit into professional short and longer form videos.

Reports and Publications

Energy UK produce a number of key industry reports each year. We work with them to ensure the designs are considered, helpful to the reader and that key information can be repurposed into social assets. These assets can work in a standalone role or to direct people back to the full report.