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BirdLife & Trillion Trees

Sustaining Tropical Forests is Vital for the Planet


The BirdLife Forest Landscape Sustainability Accelerator is investing in the teams behind bold forest landscape programmes that are ensuring the conservation of world’s tropical forests. Helping them access the knowledge and space to create new, sustainable funding models.

Our animation needed to show the effects of good and bad decision making and the interdependencies of local economies and the environment. However, it needed to also engage the viewer with the beauty of tropical rainforests.


We wanted to build on the legacy of games such as Carcassonne and Sims to build an interactive games based landscape that would immerse the viewer in the decision making process. We achieved this by creating a 3D environment divided into hexagons with decisions and consequences of each move played out across the animation.

To ensure that the tropical forest landscape environment felt natural we created changing weather and lighting patterns, overlaid a rich sound landscape and complimented the 3D animation with hand drawn 2D animation closeups of human and animal interactions.

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