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Helping to engage employers and candidates with valuable strategic content

Hays is a multinational company providing recruitment and human resources services across 33 countries globally. We support them to create content in line with their goal to – help people succeed and organisations to thrive. 

Brand Consistancy

Hays operate in multiple markets and verticals. Their marketing is created and distributed by many individuals. Working closely with the brand and communications teams we produce their cornerstone social content that has the highest levels of engagement and adoption by all markets ensuring that the quality and consistency of their communications remains strong. 


We worked with Hays to create a visual identity for their podcasts that would provide a structure that could be rolled out across their markets but would remain identifiably Hays. 


Hays is committed to improving the career prospects for job seekers. Working with Hays we have created a number of self improvement guides that span long form written content, animation and interactive learning. These guides have also enabled us to work on the development of an illustration style alongside their brand team

So Pleased to have officially launched our interview guide!!! Really proud of this piece of content  – it has everything – how to prepare for commonly asked interview questions, what to do if you have a mind blank mid-interview, what you need to do if you’ve been invited for a second interview… and so much more!

Big thankyou to The Like Minded for making it look so fantastic!