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Woodland Trust



Ancient woodland is a rich diverse habitat that now covers just 2.5% of the UK. Much of what we have left is being damaged and once it’s gone, it can’t be replaced.

Ancient woodlands are special places. They have been around for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years. Ancient woodlands are some of the UK’s richest native habitats. But, ancient woodland is under threat.

Around half of all ancient woodland in the UK has been cleared and replanted with often dense plantations, and many more suffer from invasive non-native plants and intensive grazing pressure.


We created an animation with Cumbria Woodlands in partnership with The Woodland Trust to promote their new Ancient Woodland Restoration training course to help stop the damage, encourage habitats to recover and reverse years of decline. Restoration can bring ancient woodland back from the brink, enabling native trees, plants and wildlife to thrive again.

Once the ancient woodland features are no longer critically threatened, work can begin to secure the woodland for the longer term and finally, when the ancient woodland is secure, we can look to maximise the health and integrity of the entire woodland ecosystem and strengthen its position within the wider landscape so that it can evolve as a resilient, dynamic & self-sustaining woodland of the future.