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Introduction to series

The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) approached us with an idea to give a voice to young climate activists in some of the least developed countries in the world. These individuals are powerful advocates for their countries and the loss and damage their countries are experiencing from a climate change they have not created. 

Working directly with Gladys, Solomon, Gabriel and Ineza we were able to create a powerful series of animations that are authentic, create global engagement and have a clear call to action. 

Each animation has a custom designed music score, feature the voices of the activists and a reveal from film to animation at the conclusion of the video.

Solomon Islands

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Rising sea levels in the Pacific 

Gladys Salirade and Solomon Yeo bear witness to the existential threat climate change poses to The Solomon Islands. 

In this animation we weave two stories together to highlight the costs and challenges caused by rising sea levels. 

A custom music score was designed featuring traditional bamboo pipe music. 


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The high price paid by young women in Rwanda

Ineza Umuhoza Grace is the founder of The Green Fighter a charity based in Kigali, Rwanda that helps to educate young people to understand climate change and to take action. This animation shows how climate change if damaging food production and the educational opportunities of young girls. 

A custom music score was designed featuring a version of the traditional Inanga string instrument 

Sierra Leone

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Devastating mudslides in Sierra Leone 

Gabriel Kpaka is the Deputy Director at the Sierra Leone Meteorological Agency. In this animation we show how increasingly frequent intense rainfall is creating deadly mudslides in the capital Freetown.  

In addition to the loss of life and infrastructure, climate change is also harming food sustainability. 

A custom music score was designed featuring traditional Palm Wine acoustic guitar and the African hand drum.

Film Interviews

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Additional interview footage filmed locally, combined with behind the scenes production shots help to extend the opportunities for the audience to engage with the core Solomon Islands animation

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Right Venture Creative in Kigali helped us capture some beautifully frames footage of Ineza as she extends the explanations she gave within the time constraints of the animation. It also helps to provide additional opportunities for the viewer to discover the natural beauty of the Rwandan landscape. 

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Working in partnership with a local film crew in Freetown we were able to use this film to explore in more depth the reasons for climate change induced loss and damage in Sierra Leone. 

Global Reach - Local Language Versions

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Solomon Islands - Pijin

The use of Pijin was identified as an important requirement of the project. Many native Pijin speakers in The Solomon Islands do not fully understand the reasons behind climate change and what they can do improve the life changes of their families. Pijin enables community outreach and the education of all. 

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Rwanda - Kinyarwanda

Kinyarwanda is spoken by more than 10 million people in Rwanda and is important to support the Green Fighter educational outreach program with children and rural communities. Helping to create the next generation of climate activists. It will also help with the wider dissemination of the animation across the country. 

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Sierra Leone - Krio

Krio is spoken by 87% of the population in Sierra Leone and unities the different ethnic groups in the country and is the primary language of communication for Sierra Leoneans at home and across the world.