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Rachel's Journey


Barnardo’s approached us with a beautiful first hand account from one of their fostered children, Rachel. The interview was powerful and reminded us of some of the best examples of the incredible BBC listening project. Our challenge was to tell her story authentically so that it would be valuable for potential foster families, helping them to understand the emotions of children in the foster care system.


We wanted to create an animation style that brought to life the memories of Rachel, complimenting her story without competing against the voice. 

Using a combination of cel animation and 2D after effects we focussed on a fluid and dreamlike approach to the visuals to help portray her emotions. 

We were lucky to be able to talk with Rachel and the incredible team at Barnardos at every stage. We even asked Rachel to provide us with a sample of her handwriting so that we could accurately depict her writing on the screen. 

We loved working on this project. Thank you Barnardo’s and Rachel.