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Deloitte & Power2

Mental Health Awareness Animation


The Like Minded were asked to create an engaging charity animation by Deloitte for one of their partners. The Power2 charity supports teenagers who are struggling in life to discover their confidence and self-worth by working with toddlers to support their learning. The animation needed to explain the values of the charity, how it works and the impact it has. The animation needed to be accessible to a wide audience of the general public and engaging for an informed audience of school leaders, nursery settings and local authorities.


The illustration style chosen for the animation focuses the viewers attention on the characters. The colour palettes are used to reflect the emotions felt by the characters with saturations and hues dynamically changing at key stages of the characters engagement with the Power2 program. The animation was completed with a custom sound design to provide a subtle support to the motion and emotion of the video.

Concept Art

The illustration style has a hand painted approach with soft lines and limited colour palettes. The combined effect creates a dream or memory like state enabling the viewer to feel like they can step into the characters and increasing real engagement

Character Design, Sketch and Development
Power2 Mental Health Character Development