Eden Project Communities


Eden Project


Textural animation that explains how the Eden Project Communities works


We were presented with the task of developing a fun, engaging animation to explain the ins and outs of the Eden project Communities inniative. The animation was to be a top-level dip into their work to whet the appetite of viewers and encourage them to learn more.

The Eden Project Communities have done great work in creating a striking brand with a loose, hand drawn feel which is persistant across all of their comms. It was important that this piece worked harmoniously with this aesthetic.

Characters talking sitting on tree stumps


To ensure the animation remained on-brand we roughened the edges of the artwork and implemented a series of textures across the piece to craft a handcrafted aesthetic. This, coupled with the striking brand colour palette led to a interesting, vibrant explainer that keeps viewers engaged.

Check out the work in progress shot to the left for a sneak peak at the process.

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