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Environmental Awareness Animation

Raising Awareness for Climate Change


A client wanted to raise awareness for climate change, so we have created a 2D animation that shows the effects of deforestation.


The animation uses 2D frame-by-frame techniques to create a ‘hand-drawn’ feel. We combined this with sound effects of a lively forest that fades out to silence when the deer enters the destroyed environment.
The camera pans across the landscape to portray the extent at how vast the deforestation problem is.


The use of the vivid greenery at the start of the scene, contrasting with the dark, black and grey tones at the end achieves an emotive response that the audience empathises with.


Our talented illustrators sketched up the creature design for the deer and also created the finalised paintings.

The background was sketched up by hand, framing the shot which shows the comparison between the vivid, colourful forest to the dark, burnt-down land. As a result we feel this really projects our environment awareness message.

After that, the scenes were drawn frame-by-frame to create this stunning 2D animation.

The Like Minded Environment Awareness Background Sketch
The Like Minded Deer Concept Sketches
The Like Minded Deer Concept Art

Shot Breakdown

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