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FourFive CBD Oil

Explainer Animation


FourFiveCBD founders Dominic Day & George Kruis approached us to help bring the story of their 0% THC CBD Oil to life.

Between them they have 20 years experience in professional sport as seasoned international Rugby players at the top of their game. Dom and George developed a 0% THC CBD Oil for athletes by athletes offering peace of mind to professional sports athletes who manage injury prevention, injury and pain over the course of their careers.

They are the first company in the world to have a CBD product that is tested for the cross contamination of over 400 banned substances. They are also the safest CBD product on the market for anyone who is drug tested regularly. We collaborated to develop a memorable explainer animation to reenforce the credibility of a trusted brand across their core target market and audiences.


Collaborating with the FourFiveCBD team we developed a narrative and visual language to extend the brand work into an animated explainer. The animation clearly reinforces the credibility of the product and positions this for use in their key markets with professional sports athletes.