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Haulfryn Holiday Homes

A Cheerful Look at Renting a Holiday Home


Haulfryn Holiday Homes approached us to find a way of communicating with their existing customers. They wanted to clearly demonstrate how owners could generate income by subletting their Haulfryn holiday home. The audience of existing customers covers holiday home owners from younger first time buyers through to established retirees looking for convenience & comfort. We needed to create a unique style and narrative approach which could appeal to a broad cross section of customers.


We created a cheerful and engaging animation explaining the process involved in subletting a holiday home with Haulfryn. The picture postcard illustrative style invokes a warm nostalgic feeling. We designed the characters to appeal to an adult audience while still retaining a fun colourful approach.


We continue to work with the client and will be rolling out further animations over the course of the year. The results to date show that we have built further character into the brand and developed a campaign approach for future visual content.

Explainer Animations