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Landscape Decisions Programme

Evidence-based landscape decision making across the UK


Landscapes are multi-functional, so it is vital to ensure that environmental policies benefit all functions, that unintended consequences are monitored, and that farmers make the right land use decisions. 

A team at The University of Leicester leads the Landscape Decisions programme. They work with government departments, charities, conservation organisations and researchers across the UK to run a network of 59 interrelated research projects influencing landscape decisions. The team uses mathematical methods, ecosystem modelling and insights into how people interact with landscapes so that land users and decision-makers can rely on this robust evidence to make informed landscape decisions. 


The Landscape Decisions team came to us to produce an animation explaining the role of the programme in influencing landscape decision making, environmental policies and land use across the UK. 

Each landscape was painted with expressive lines and textured brushes to create a vibrant setting in which to tell the narrative. The characters were designed with simplicity in mind to compliment the dynamic landscape backgrounds.