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Yellowsands Foundation & The Compass of Life Foundation

Liam's Journey


The Like Minded worked with Yellowsands Foundation and The Compass of Life Foundation to try to create a campaign that would increase awareness of under priviliged children in Wales who need support throughout their education, whilst maintaining an entertaining journey for the audience.


This story follows the journey of Liam through his education. From a bright, young boy, to when he becomes a teenager – struggling to balance his social life with school.

Ultimately, he discovers the Compass of Life, which points him in the right direction and a hand lifts him out of the sand, which represents the support Yellowsands Foundation offers.

The Like Minded Liam's Journey Concept Art
The Like Minded Liam's Journey Portrait Concept Art

Concept Art

By sketching out their ideas, our illustrators created a few different styles of characters to determine the feel for our animation. There are also a few fully-rendered concept pieces which are included below to show our own journey from concept to finished piece.

However, as you can see through our images, there were plenty of different thought processes and ideas we went through that didn’t make it to the final version of Liam’s Journey.


"It’s always fun and challenging trying new techniques and ways of telling a story. Working on touching stories, especially for great causes like these; makes my job even more enjoyable."
Arty Hunt - Animator at The Like Minded