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Moment of Joy: Sally's Story

The Like Minded Sally's Story Moment of Joy MHA Dementia
Cel Animation Break Down MHA Sally's Story
Sally's Story MHA Character Concept Art
MHA Sally's Story Moment of Joy Concept Art


We collaborated with the MHA – a charity providing care and support for older people across the UK. They approached us to create an animation as part of a campaign to raise awareness of music therapy in dementia care. The MHA wanted to generate charitable funds to allow a greater number of older people to benefit from their music therapy service.


Collaborating with the MHA team we developed a script and narrative story centred around an older lady in care, called Sally.

Sally has led a full, happy life and now lives with dementia. While she is able to communicate her needs, she often appears anxious and agitated. When she attends music therapy sessions, songs like Nat King Coles ‘Unforgettable’ help Sally access happy memories from younger married life.

We wanted to use emotive animated storytelling and traditional frame by frame animation techniques to give the piece a unique feel. We hope this acts as a catalyst to engage people through social media and provides more opportunity for people living with dementia to have access to music therapy and Moments Of Joy as part of the BBC Music Day.


"It was a great animation to work on, I had lots of fun with it and it was for a good cause which makes the effort put in to it, 10 times more rewarding at the end."
Andrea - Illustrator & Animator at The Like Minded