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The Office of Rail and Road

The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) came to us to develop their brand identity. It was time to refresh the brand so it felt modern and accessible.

Logo Refresh

The logo was not something that was part of the original brief, however, while updating the rest of the brand we agreed to refresh the main composition of the logo, by re colouring it and suppling a main lockup along side a badge lockup for icon use.

Illustration Style

The illustration style was designed to be a guide and inspiration for future illustrations, without creating too many rules. This was so other design teams could take visual queues such as shadow placement and use of colour to recreate their own dynamic scenes while retaining brand consistency.


ORR produce many data sheets and reports across different sections of the business. Icons were essential to give visual breaks amongst areas of heavy text in reports. We produced a selection of icons that could easily be copied to make more.

Baloo 2 Semibold

Baloo 2 Regular

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The typeface selection was carefully considered for usability and legibility. It strikes a balance between modernity and sophistication.

The font family to be used is ‘Baloo’. Only two font weights may be utilised, ‘Semibold’ and ‘Regular’. This is a Google font that was easily accessed for digital and print.

Reports & Templates

We created report templates to make it easier for ORR to have a consistent brand voice when publishing large print communications. These reports are designed to be clear and easy to understand providing a balance in design and functionality.