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Towards Hope

Parents Against Child Exploitation


Parents Against Child Exploitation (PACE) is a charity that works with parents of children who have been exploited, by campaigning for policy change, training for professionals, and working with police and family services. PACE works with parents to outline the warning signs of child exploitation and supports families who find themselves in this situation. 


We produced a 2D character animation with the title Towards Hope, to bring PACE’s vision to life. PACE wanted to challenge the stigma surrounding child exploitation, so we worked closely with parents of children who have been exploited. Their voices are featured throughout the animation, sharing their stories and what it feels like to be blamed for this happening to their child. 

The heart balloons are included as a visual metaphor for the character’s mental wellbeing. Throughout the animation as the abuse increases the child’s balloon becomes deflated and dull, which has a knock-on effect for the family of the child. The balloons return to full and glowing at the end of the animation when the family has opened up about what they have experienced and received support.

Dark colours were used to portray sadness, shame, and blame, whereas light colours were used to show hope. We hope this animation is successful in its mission.