Improving the quality of life for children with life-limiting illnesses


REACT Children’s Charity


Illustrating the work of REACT through the lens of Lily’s story


We worked with the team at REACT to develop a compelling story to raise awareness of the issues facing terminally ill children and their financially disadvantaged families. The needs of children, young people and their families are varied and complex but the story needed to be simple, direct and treated with care.

Fabulous service. The team made a fantastic animation for our charity and we could not be happier with it. It was sensitive, emotive, and completely surpassed our expectations. Thank you!


The REACT team shared anecdotes and insight that they’d learned over many years working with families of children with life limiting conditions. Though every case is different, we used this insight to craft a story that reflects in some small way, the shared experience of many families in a similar situation. Everything from script writing and story, through to character design and sound was informed by what we learned from the people who deal with this on a daily basis.

These stories can be difficult to listen too and it was imperative that the subject matter was treated with care and sensitivity. It was important to demonstrate the strength and resilience of these families in the face of enormous difficulty and heartache.

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