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Restor’s mission is to advance conservation and restoration efforts globally to protect biodiversity, while benefiting people and the planet. The platform allows local communities, NGOs, businesses and governments to share details of their restoration projects, and connect these sites across the globe. 

Reports and Print

Restor produce a number of reports and information documents, sharing important research and restoration action from around the world. We work with Restor to design these reports so that the information is easily digestible and the data is presented well and easy to understand.

UI Explainer Videos

Restor’s platform allows users to view and analyse restoration sites across the globe. We created a number of UI explainer videos for Restor’s website, showing viewers a step by step visual of how to use certain features on the platform. For example, the UI videos show how to analyse an area’s restoration potential and how to monitor a number of restoration projects in one place. 


We created several additional explainer videos for Restor, and offered video translation services, as the platform’s users are global.

We also supported the #WeSearchResearch campaign, by producing interview style videos to get to know key researcher’s, hearing about their career pathway and details about their research. For example, see Lead Scientist and Lab Founder, Prof. Dr. Thomas Crowther’s interview below.  

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