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RPS Revalidation

Explainer Animation to Assist Members with new Legislation


The Royal Pharmaceutical Society released a brand new system to assist their members with the yearly process of revalidating their skills.

In addition we were tasked with providing the first animations since the launch of new branding. Requiring us to create a modern and striking articulation of the new guidelines in animation.

The animation combined an explanation of the process, with a more in-depth look at the software developed to support members.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society Revalidation video needed to engage a wide audience range and to be understood with voice-over and in mute-play.


We managed to convey complex messaging simply, utilising abstract shapes and the new vivid RPS brand colours.

In other areas, it was essential to display scenes of the actual app which we dovetailed seamlessly into the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Revalidation animation.

Captions were woven throughout allowing the video to be understood while muted. Placing the captions within the scene rather than as subtitles ensured that they remained a focal point of each scene.